Fiercely Sofi

Kansas City wedding photography

Originally from West Africa and now living in St. Louis, I love being bicultural. I think having dual cultures each play a part in my life has been a great mix for me because I can truly see life from different perspectives.

sofi Seck Photography

I love strong and powerful women. I don’t think there is a wrong way to be a women and I believe that we can do it all and have it all. I want to create photos that tell the story of who you are as a woman or who you are on the road to becoming. I credit my strong will to my mom, and even though I don’t often admit it — I am like her in many ways. I’ve never met a stronger, harder working woman. She taught me that there is a time to be serious, but there is always time to stop, dance and sing. Speaking of being strong and powerful — I’m also a powerlifter!

Sofi Seck Photography

When I say “we can do it all” I mean it! I didn’t start powerlifting on purpose, but it has become something I love to do and I can be proud of. For awhile, I bought into the idea that I am flawed and need to be fixed. I hated the way I looked, but I hated cardio exercising even more. So I started lifting weights and now, I am a powerlifter. Through the process, I have found a sense of strength and found that there is no wrong way to be yourself. I have started to realize that many people, especially women, don’t know their value. I want to bring that to my photography and show women that our “flaws” are what make us imperfectly perfect.

At risk of this becoming a novel, I will end here. Soon, I know we will be laughing and having fun together! Stay Fierce!