What are you worth?

It’s a relatively simple question, but have you ever really sat down and thought about it? Your profession, your career — what dollar figure can you put on it? Now, if you love your job (if you don’t, think of your dream job here) and someone came to you and said “We’ll pay you half of what you make now!” Is it something you would do?

Probably not. Thing is, I get asked to do that very thing ALL the time! 

This blog isn’t to bore you with all of the expenses a photographer bears, to drone on about equipment costs or the fact that many photographers spend more than 40 hours shooting, editing, consulting and designing albums for each wedding they shoot. So I’ll spare you the mundane facts of how owning a business is the most time-consuming career a person could choose, and I promise not to tell you that it’s probably one of the hardest jobs out there.

This post is just to ask you to ask yourself what your memories are worth? That is: in fifty years, will you look back at your wedding photos and be overwhelmed with love or will you turn the pages of your wedding album and be filled with sadness and regret? 

Images are Time Machines

A photo, whether it’s perfectly posed with amazing light and a true smile or dimly lit with a flash bouncing off your glasses and poorly posed — those images are your time machine back to that moment. A photograph is a lie! Yep, I said it. It is, at it’s core, a work of art captured through a photographer’s point of view. It’s subjective at best! Two photographers could shoot the same moment and only one could be a true representation of the moment.

Choosing the right photographer is choosing your story teller. It is THE most important part of every wedding because it is the only part (along with the ring) that never dies. The cake and food don’t leave the venue. The venue changes year after year. The flowers go straight to the trash once its said and done. And the video? The video is only as good as that particular form of technical it is transported in (who remembers cassette tapes?). A printed photo album never dies. That is the true beauty of photography. 

So, what are your memories worth? Would you rather pay a little extra now or be full of regret later? Do you want pictures or do you want an amazing experience with beautiful photographs? Do you want someone who is deeply versed in the art of posing, lighting, and capturing emotion? The point is: weddings are expensive. But if you want to cut corners, you should consider whether you really want to do it with the media designed to transport you back to the day you started your family. 

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Life can be chaotic. It can be crazy busy, hectic, amazing, messy and fun. And I find that it’s important to balance the chaos — to ground yourself with something that makes you feel complete. “Grounding yourself” means something different for every person, but for me, I find balance in travel.

I love stepping away from everything, exploring and recharging my batteries in a sea of new places and possibilities. This year, I’ve made a deal with myself to leave Missouri every other month. So I created a random trip to Los Angeles, California, this week! While I love hiking and seeing everything a city has to offer, this trip will be more of a breather. I want to relax a lot, eat a lot, and get ready for the next few busy wedding months. I want to put myself in “neutral” and slowly roll through a few days of relaxation.

If you’ve ever met me, you know that I’m bubbly, cheerful and full of positive energy. But here’s the thing, I would actually describe myself as an introvert. I find my energy in quiet spaces. When I’m around other people, I get a burst of energy. I love people. But I also love it when it’s nice and quiet, when I can hear myself think in a peaceful place. It almost seems counter-intuitive for me, because I come from a culture filled with community, and I love being part of a community. I light up when people are around, but I also find that I am be a better person when I take time to myself.

Do that make me an introvert and an extrovert? 

Everyone has something that makes their soul happy and brings them back down to Earth. Whether it’s yoga, cycling, gardening, running, watching old movies or trying new foods… there’s a piece of you that’s incomplete without whatever it is that you love. A lot of people will do all of the things they have to do, and they totally rock it. They spend the day working a corporate job, feed their family, clean their home and start over the next day. But what do they do for themselves? What do YOU do to ground back to yourself? Do you allow yourself some time to do something you want to do? A lot of people don’t give themselves permission to do that, but how can you give your best to others, if you don’t have your best to give?

What I’m saying is: Find what makes your soul happy and make the time do it. There is nothing wrong with saying YES and giving yourself permission to recharge. I think you’ll find that it’s a beautiful thing when you can come back to your daily routine feeling recharged and energized. You deserve that. 

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Stay fierce, my friends!

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Spring has sprung and it’s the perfect season to spruce up your headshot, document your family or celebrate a milestone in your life. What better way is there to just get those images created than with a spring mini-session? They’re quick, fun and completely fabulous.

I have a mini session set up this weekend and as I’m reminding my amazing clients the Dos and Don’ts to have a great session, I thought I’d share some of those tips to ensure a hassle-free shoot.

  1. The most important thing, which seems easy but can be difficult, is to be on time. Be early, in fact. The truth is, 30 minutes isn’t a whole heck of a lot of time to shoot. Clients are amazed at how fast two hours flies by in a regular session. But 30 minutes is plenty of time if you are 100 percent prepared. That means you need to take into consideration the time it takes to have your makeup done, pack your car, traffic in the city — account for anything that could set you back and make proper arrangements. Mini sessions are typically stacked one right after another, so if you’re late, you generally lose that time. Plus, if you’re rushing around stressed, it sets the mood for the entire day. You won’t be able to relax, have fun and let your true personality shine. So, plan to be early and do it!
  2.  Makeup, ladies. Even if you have the most amazing, perfect skin, it needs makeup for photo shoot day. I tell my clients to go to any MAC counter and they will make you super beat. For real, they’ll hook you up. But if, for some reason, you can’t go to MAC, YouTube has some great tutorials. Google “makeup for portrait sessions” and take some time to test your makeup before the session. Use quality products and put more effort into it than your daily routine because the lighting is dramatically different and you want it to look and feel amazing. If you’re doing your own makeup, get fake lashes, the smaller ones and practice putting them on. It’s easy and you can get a tutorial for that too. Focus on your eyes because the camera will be focused there, too. Take your time and have fun with it.
  3. If you have more than one person in your shoot, Do Not Match (capitalization is for effect here. Seriously, don’t match). It looks uniform, void of personality and makes for uninspirational imagery. Don’t like the way that sounds? Me either! Have fun with your clothes. Try to coordinate without being matchy-matchy. Choose a color palette and stick with different shades in that palette. If you open any fashion magazine, you will see that the male models aren’t perfectly matched, but they do coordinate. Choose a central theme and let each person’s personality shine.

Bonus: Parents, RELAX. Kids will be kids. If you come as prepared as possible, your kids will be well behaved. I truly think if you aren’t rushing around, panicked, it helps everyone’s mood. You probably don’t want images where your children look miserable, so let them be kids and we will find a way to get the perfect portrait. Be yourself and have fun. Likewise, let your kids be themselves and have fun, and we’ll all have a good time and create cool images together!

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Stay Fierce!

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There are times in your life where things happen that are out of your control. Sometimes, those things stack up and it feels like “Man, this is just too much. I need help.” I’m an optimistic person, but I recently encountered this situation. It wasn’t so much one thing, but more of a domino effect. Don’t worry, everything worked out OK in the end. I was just dealing with some unexpected personal issues and needed to cash in on a lifeline.

If I’m being honest, photography can be a lonely profession. Your colleagues are also your competitors, which can be a tough road for any friendship. But what I’ve found over the past several years is that I’ve been able to collect kindness from from my “competitors.” I’ve found the most amazing group of people to call on. When I need a hand, these people step up and have absolutely no ulterior motives.

I pride myself on my character. I try to always do what’s best for each person, not just for my business. And while I know that’s not necessarily the smartest business practice, it’s the kindest human practice. When I need help, I have a group of women who will step in without thinking twice.

I realized that I’ve built a tribe of people from all walks of life who are willing to step up for me, and it goes without saying that I would do the same for them. Not everyone has a strong group to lean on during their times of need. I have just been thinking about how blessed and eternally grateful I am. So I just wanted to take a moment to shout out to all those who have helped me over the years, who have been there for me and made things less crazy. I couldn’t do it without you!

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Stay Fierce!

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I love shooting wedding portraits. I shoot in Chicago, Kansas City and St. Louis, with St. Louis as my home base. It’s where the SSP HQ is and definitely the city I know the most intimately. If couples want something romantic, or rustic, contemporary or edgy — I know the perfect places.

The locations chosen for wedding portraiture depends on the style of the couple, but if they’re up for an adventure, there are a few places in St. Louis we can’t pass up.

Lines, Angles and Light

Across from the Old Post Office. That sounds a little vague, but there’s this magnificent, gray building with these architectural angles and lines that draw the eye in a way no other place in St. Louis does. It really is a piece of art. The lines reflect perfectly and the lighting is perfect. Your eyes go straight to the couple. Then, we can walk to St. Charles Street. There’s a block on the street that is so beautiful. It reminds me of an old, Roman street for some reason. Like the gray building, the lighting is perfect. If a client says “take me anywhere,” this is our first stop.

Another place I love to take couples is the great wall (not THAT great wall). Located below the arch grounds, this is a half-mile long wall covered in graffiti. The wall changes constantly as artists paint over it. It’s not the kind of photos you would traditionally think of on the arch grounds in that, well, there’s no arch. The wall is nestled in an industrial part of St. Louis. You can see these huge, majestic buildings that are all idle, dormant and rundown after years of being empty. There’s something so beautiful in a bride and groom, dressed to the nines, in this old, crumbling part of town. It’s so unique and different for couples who want to go that route. I absolutely love shooting wedding photos there.

More Traditional, But Beautiful

Another perfect St. Louis wedding protraiture spot is Forest Park. This one is so, so popular, which is why I sometimes try to steer clear from the park. For a full year, I didn’t go there unless clients insisted, mostly because of the lines. There are so many couples and photographers at the park that it can be difficult and time-consuming to get everything the couple wants in the time we have. That said, if a wedding is on a Friday or the couple has a longer time between the wedding and reception, there is amazing light at Forest Park. It really is a beautiful park with a ton of picturesque spaces. The pavilion at The Muny is beautiful, with creamy tones reflected. There are pagodas, water features, towers and old structures. I love shooting at Forest Park, but because of its popularity, it’s not usually my first choice.

St Louis Wedding PhotographerpinimageSt. Louis Wedding Photos- sofi seck- BridalpinimageSt Louis Wedding PhotographerpinimageSt Louis Wedding PhotographerpinimageSt Louis Wedding PhotographerpinimageSt Louis Wedding PhotographerpinimageSt Louis Wedding PhotographerpinimageSt Louis Wedding PhotographerpinimageSt. Louis Wedding Photos- sofi seck- BridalpinimageSt Louis Wedding PhotographerpinimageSt Louis Wedding PhotographerpinimageSt Louis Wedding Photographerpinimage

Bonus: On top of Union Station. The view of St. Louis is breathtaking. If you can get there during the golden hour, there is no better photo if St. Louis if your first love.

Stay Fierce!

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