Bridal Party Gifts — Go For It!

I’m not sure where the tradition to give your bridal party gifts came from, but can I just say that I love it? I think this tradition, which I’m seeing more and more, is an awesome way to thank those who have stood by your side — well, forever! Over the years, I’ve seen couples give those in their wedding party a gift and they just light up, no matter how big or small the gift.

A Big Commitment

Let’s be honest, being in a bridal party is hard work! It can be mentally and physically taxing, not to mention that your budget can take a hit. In my country (Senegal), if you’re in a wedding party, the couple pays for your dress and shoes. I didn’t realize how big of a commitment the bridesmaid role was in America until I was in a wedding party myself. Of course, it’s worth it to be a part of a new chapter in your friend’s life.

The people you choose for your bridal party host your bridal shower and your bachelorette party, help you choose your gown and accessories and their own dresses. They help you make or pick decorations, choose a menu and set up the reception site. Your friends hand mom the tissues when you say yes to the dress, make phone calls, help you get into your dress — they are your right hands. And we all know we can use 1,000 hands when it comes to weddings.

In short, you have a certain image for your special day and they help them make it happen. Your friends look and play the part. I think it’s only fitting that after all the hard work, couples show their appreciation with a gift. There’s something beautiful about saying “I am so grateful for you. Thank you.”

Bridal Party Gift Ideas

If you’re trying to think of ideas, I have one to fit every budget:

  1. If you have the money, take your bridesmaids on an expenses-paid girls trip. This doesn’t have to be crazy. It could even be as simple as renting a cottage somewhere within driving distance and spending a weekend reconnecting. There isn’t a bridesmaid out there who wouldn’t feel appreciated from that gift.
  2. Have you heard of Greetabl? If not, it’s an adorable, personalized gift that says “I’m thinking about you.” They’re inexpensive and each one can be matched to your friend’s individual personalities. The best part? It’s based in St. Louis!
  3. There’s really nothing like thanking your bridal party in front of your other friends and family. At the reception, spend a few minutes thanking each person in your party. Share how much you appreciate them, not only for their friendship, but for their partnership with you over the last year. It doesn’t have to be about spending money, but the sentiment of saying thank you.

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