Groom Portraits — Part of the Wedding Story

Wedding days are so special. I’m not just talking about the ceremony filled with love, families coming together or the memories made. Those parts are amazing, but I also love the small things. At weddings, each person usually has a place they need to be, whether it’s with the bride, with the groom, greeting guests or helping people find their seats. But as a wedding photographer, I get the opportunity to be everywhere. I get to be the proverbial fly on the wall and take in all of the details that might otherwise be easy to miss. Take, for example, the groom and groomsmen as they get ready for the ceremony.

Bride’s Day

I know that a wedding is traditionally thought of as the bride’s day. Many times, the groom just wants his future bride to be happy (happy wife, happy life, right?!), so he tends to minimize his own wants. After all, the groom likely hasn’t spent hours pouring over Pinterest for the best inspiration shots. The men sometimes act like they don’t really care about the details, and maybe they don’t, but they’re still important.

If you think about your wedding day in terms of telling a story, each part has meaning. The groom and groomsmen getting ready — that’s the beginning of the story. While the guys might not take as long getting ready, watching them and capturing those moments can be so cool. The groom chose each of those people to stand by his side for one of the most important days of his life.

The groomsmen have known the groom, often times, longer than the bride. They grew up together, went to school together and crossed all the major bridges in life together. They have been there for the relationships that came before — the good, the bad and the ugly. These friends have watched the groom grow into the man that they are.

Groom’s Day Too

In the dressing room, along with the groom and groomsmen, you might also find his parents and siblings. You’ll see handshakes and hugs, tears, fist bumps, high fives and everything in between. You’ll hear jokes and advice. You might see a dad tieing his son’s tie and hear a mom telling him how proud she is. Guys will be hanging out and being guys. All of that is worth documenting.

While the day is the bride’s day, it’s not just the bride that makes the wedding. It’s a couple, that is, two people, celebrating their love. You can’t have a wedding with just one person. And along those lines, you chose the people closest to you to celebrate the day with you. Include them. Show them you love them, appreciate them and value them as your friends or your future spouse’s friends. Welcome them into the fold.

Just like each wedding is different, each party and celebration are different. The groomsmen add  pizazz to the wedding. They take the edge off the groom by making him laugh and be himself. They help him relax and revel in what really matters most, and for that, that are with their value in gold! 

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