It’s All About the Love!

There’s something really special about love. When you’re in love, you want to shout it from the rooftops, because you want everyone to feel as vivid and alive as you feel at that very moment. There’s something just as special about having your story documented by someone who feels that same joy in sharing your story through photographs.

Fierce Style

My style (like my personality) is bold, bright and fierce. And I can attribute all of that to my gorgeous mother! It’s the affection that I have for my mom that shaped my ideas on love and even my photography style. My mom is a strong, willful, independent and unabashedly fierce superwoman who can make you laugh until your stomach hurts. And you know what, at the very core of love is laughter. 

Loves Forms

The best part of love is that it can take many forms. Besides the fierce love of a mother, there’s the soft, kind-hearted love of friends spending the day together. There’s the proud love of a father who gives his daughter a blessing to start a new life. There’s  the genuine love of a partner, the pinnacle of love. 

I love helping my brides through their day, and capturing the emotions and details of your wedding story. I love watching your friends and family wishing you the best, and leaving a wedding feeling like I just watched another one of my best friends tie the knot.  

Finding People to Tell Your Story

It’s rare in life to find a perfect partner for projects that need a few more helping hands to create perfection. I truly believe if you find people whose style, both aesthetically and in their overall shooting style, match yours — then you are so, so lucky. I Have found that person in Keera with Gold Hairpin Films.

And speaking of love, I Love (yes, with a capital L) Keera’s style. She is the business equivalent of the yin to my yang. She is the quieter, more contemplative version of myself. Her style is moodier than mine yet somehow, she managed to capture my essence like no else. She is creative and has a passion for creating moving images that tell a perfect story. She is literally always finding different angles, vantage points and lens effects that are unique to her and she tells my story in a way that I couldn’t tell it myself.

I’m so grateful that I found her and that she was willing to trek to St. Louis from her HQ in Kansas City to work on projects with me. Finding her was the biggest blessing and I can not wait until our next project together. 

I also want to thank Niaz and Juveria, the subjects in this video. They are so beautiful and so in love that it’s contagious. They were so much fun to work with and I feel honored to have been a part of their wedding. I CANT WAIT to share their photos! So Fierce!  

Telling Your Story

At the end of the day, I want to tell your love story in the best way I can. I also want to share with you my knowledge on weddings so you can have the best schedule and most amazing day. I want you to be so comfortable in front of my camera that your truest self shines.

Because life, and love, are all about the moments that make you smile forever.

Stay Fierce! 

Sofi Seck Photography