Growing With My Wedding Clients

Sofi Seck Photography is primarily a wedding, portrait and personal branding photography venture. So, through my work, I have met a ton of young couples just getting a start in life.

Typically, when I meet a couple, it’s at a time in their life when they’re taking the steps to seal their love to each other with through marriage. I am given the opportunity to take engagement photos and then the wedding photos. I love being a part of that special time in my client’s lives.

But I actually really, really love growing beyond a couple’s marriage. I love seeing a couple’s love for each other as they look into each other’s eyes on their wedding day. I love seeing them fall even more in love every single day. I love seeing them when they get to share the news that their family is expanding and I love seeing them fall in love all over again when their newest family member arrives.

And when that time comes, I want to take maternity photos. I want to be a part of the excitement and capture the emotion of those moments for you, first as a bride, then as a wife and mother. I want to take those newborn photos and marvel at the new life this couple — who, let’s face it — have become my friends, has created.

After the wedding is all said and done, when we have created some amazing home decor and wall art, and the album is on display, I don’t want to just hope your life is going great. I want to be there every step of the way. If anything happens, I want you to call Sofi, because I’ll always help you add chapters to your photo book of life.

I want to be there when a family grows and expands. When my couples think of major milestones in their life, I want to be the girl they call to document them. In short, I want to by my couples’ life photographer AND photographer for life. 

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