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Wedding photography is all about beautiful, inspiring images that you get to see and enjoy every single day. That said, I believe it is so important to not only to have digital access to your photos, but tangible objects in their printed form. That’s why Sofi Seck Photography makes it easy to get amazing images and albums that will live on for generations. But more on that in a minute. We also create images you will want to see all 365 days in a year.

Ok, ok. We will admit that digital images are a convenient, fast and easy way to share your images, especially in venues like your social media pages. But they can’t be hung on the wall. They’re not there to provide inspiration daily and they won’t last a lifetime. You read that right. They will not last a lifetime, or longer, like a print. Technology is always changing. It’s newer, better, faster. Upgrades to technology change the way people consume it. Devices changes. File types change. No one is looking at their wedding video on VHS or flipping through a slideshow on their film projector anymore. It is also worth mentioning that technology fails. While it’s powerful, it’s also fragile. A spill or drop could render a hard drive useless. Putting your images on a cloud might feel safe, and it can be an OK backup, but the best way to make sure you always have your images is as a print.

At Sofi Seck Photography, we believe so strongly in the printed form, that we offer free in-home consultation and viewing with every single wedding package. We will come to your house and help you design your space with everything from canvas to metal prints and custom framing — all to reflect your personal style. When the wedding is said and done, and the honeymoon is long-gone, you will not have a single worry about how you’re going to display your art. An album also is included in every package. I can’t say it enough. Our clients love their albums. They have real leather covers in a variety of colors to choose from, thick paper and rich, vibrant images. Pages are UV coated to keep them protected for many, many years. Everything is designed and created on site and we use top-notch materials from the very best providers, because you deserve nothing less.

I believe it is essential that your wedding images, these amazing, personal pieces of art, be displayed in the best way possible. That is why all of my couples receive custom created wedding albums and products. These albums will preserve your memories and your traditions in a completely tangible, contemporary, and unique way. All of my wedding albums are custom made to tell your wedding story beautifully. They are specifically created as art pieces and made to withstand the test of time. Our clients have a choice in everything that does into their wedding albums. They choose between a number of color options, leather, or photo options to create truly unique wedding albums. From start to finish, every aspect of your wedding album (printing, UV coating and assembly) is created on site and with love and care.

I can honestly say that all of my clients absolutely LOVE their wedding albums. They love the thick, beautiful paper, the smell of the genuine leather, and the clean yet simple design. They love how the images can run through the crease line without being affected by the fold. Above all, they love the memories that come rushing back every time they open up their wedding albums.