A Strong Feminine Touch to Wedding Photography

As a wedding photographer, one question I am asked all the time is whether my second shooters are male or female. To answer: both of them are amazing, fierce women.

The question used to seem funny to me, but now I realize that having a male second photographer is really important to some couples. Wedding days are delicate and emotional. Most brides have spent a year planning this event, and in 12 hours it’s over. Every detail, no matter how small, is momentous. If something is off, it seems like there’s an elephant in the room. So its easy to think that having a male photographer to connect with the groom is important. Truth is, its not. 

Strong, But Soft

In a lot of way, “Strong” describes my personality. I’m completely honest, even if it’s not the answer you want to hear. But everyone in my life also would describe me as happy. There’s a part of me that’s soft, I’m always smiling and I can guarantee that we will laugh together. While I’m serious about timelines and take charge behind the scenes, I also can be a steady force in a time of chaos. I connect with my grooms just as much as my brides and so do my second shooters.

Because emotions run high, there are times when everyone leaves the room and it’s just me and the bride and sometimes she has a moment of panic or a breakdown. I’m telling you, it’s completely normal. Sometimes she just needs a quiet moment and to know that she’s not alone. I’m empathetic. I tend to absorb the negative and help bring back out the smiles. That’s something no amount of money can buy. I also have 3 brothers and can connect with any guy about any topic. 

What Makes SSP Fierce?

So if you’re wondering if you should choose a male or female photographer, the answer is easy. Choose a photographer whose personally you love. With me, my couples not only have fierce images, and a person who knows how to run a wedding day. They get a confidant — someone to breathe with them when emotions run high. They get someone who makes them laugh and see the light in every situation. And guess what? They are not only going to have amazing photos, but they are also going to have a great wedding day.

STL Wedding Photographer

Stay Fierce!