What Are Your Memories Worth?

What are you worth?

It’s a relatively simple question, but have you ever really sat down and thought about it? Your profession, your career — what dollar figure can you put on it? Now, if you love your job (if you don’t, think of your dream job here) and someone came to you and said “We’ll pay you half of what you make now!” Is it something you would do?

Probably not. Thing is, I get asked to do that very thing ALL the time! 

This blog isn’t to bore you with all of the expenses a photographer bears, to drone on about equipment costs or the fact that many photographers spend more than 40 hours shooting, editing, consulting and designing albums for each wedding they shoot. So I’ll spare you the mundane facts of how owning a business is the most time-consuming career a person could choose, and I promise not to tell you that it’s probably one of the hardest jobs out there.

This post is just to ask you to ask yourself what your memories are worth? That is: in fifty years, will you look back at your wedding photos and be overwhelmed with love or will you turn the pages of your wedding album and be filled with sadness and regret? 

Images are Time Machines

A photo, whether it’s perfectly posed with amazing light and a true smile or dimly lit with a flash bouncing off your glasses and poorly posed — those images are your time machine back to that moment. A photograph is a lie! Yep, I said it. It is, at it’s core, a work of art captured through a photographer’s point of view. It’s subjective at best! Two photographers could shoot the same moment and only one could be a true representation of the moment.

Choosing the right photographer is choosing your story teller. It is THE most important part of every wedding because it is the only part (along with the ring) that never dies. The cake and food don’t leave the venue. The venue changes year after year. The flowers go straight to the trash once its said and done. And the video? The video is only as good as that particular form of technical it is transported in (who remembers cassette tapes?). A printed photo album never dies. That is the true beauty of photography. 

So, what are your memories worth? Would you rather pay a little extra now or be full of regret later? Do you want pictures or do you want an amazing experience with beautiful photographs? Do you want someone who is deeply versed in the art of posing, lighting, and capturing emotion? The point is: weddings are expensive. But if you want to cut corners, you should consider whether you really want to do it with the media designed to transport you back to the day you started your family. 

 Stay Fierce!