What Makes Your Soul Smile?

Life can be chaotic. It can be crazy busy, hectic, amazing, messy and fun. And I find that it’s important to balance the chaos — to ground yourself with something that makes you feel complete. “Grounding yourself” means something different for every person, but for me, I find balance in travel.

I love stepping away from everything, exploring and recharging my batteries in a sea of new places and possibilities. This year, I’ve made a deal with myself to leave Missouri every other month. So I created a random trip to Los Angeles, California, this week! While I love hiking and seeing everything a city has to offer, this trip will be more of a breather. I want to relax a lot, eat a lot, and get ready for the next few busy wedding months. I want to put myself in “neutral” and slowly roll through a few days of relaxation.

If you’ve ever met me, you know that I’m bubbly, cheerful and full of positive energy. But here’s the thing, I would actually describe myself as an introvert. I find my energy in quiet spaces. When I’m around other people, I get a burst of energy. I love people. But I also love it when it’s nice and quiet, when I can hear myself think in a peaceful place. It almost seems counter-intuitive for me, because I come from a culture filled with community, and I love being part of a community. I light up when people are around, but I also find that I am be a better person when I take time to myself.

Do that make me an introvert and an extrovert? 

Everyone has something that makes their soul happy and brings them back down to Earth. Whether it’s yoga, cycling, gardening, running, watching old movies or trying new foods… there’s a piece of you that’s incomplete without whatever it is that you love. A lot of people will do all of the things they have to do, and they totally rock it. They spend the day working a corporate job, feed their family, clean their home and start over the next day. But what do they do for themselves? What do YOU do to ground back to yourself? Do you allow yourself some time to do something you want to do? A lot of people don’t give themselves permission to do that, but how can you give your best to others, if you don’t have your best to give?

What I’m saying is: Find what makes your soul happy and make the time do it. There is nothing wrong with saying YES and giving yourself permission to recharge. I think you’ll find that it’s a beautiful thing when you can come back to your daily routine feeling recharged and energized. You deserve that. 

Sofi Seck Photography

Stay fierce, my friends!

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